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Horizon Europe: EU is spending €100 billion to fund businesses from 2021 – 2027


Horizon Europe will be the 9th EU Framework Programme and will continue to promote Research and Innovation in its entirety, implementing and maintaining proven programs from Horizon 2020.

New goals in Horizon Europe include creating a stronger impact through mission-orientation and citizens’ involvement, as well as more active engagement of society through better dissemination and exploitation of R&I results.

What is new in Horizon Europe?

The European Innovation Council (EIC): Support to innovations with breakthrough and disruptive nature and scale-up potential that are too risky for private investors, will allow Europe to boost its innovation capacity, remain competitive and increase jobs.

R&I Missions: With clear and ambitious goals R&I Missions will focus on tackling global issues. From the fight against cancer to plastic-free oceans – the challenges are diverse and manifold.

A new approach to European Partnerships: New generation of objective-driven and more ambitious partnerships in support of agreed EU policy objectives will be forged between Industry, Civil Society, and financing institutions, to achieve effects that cannot be attained with other Framework measures or national programs.

Simpler rules: simple and fit-for-purpose rules will ensure that legal security is increased, while the administrative burden for beneficiaries and program managers is reduced.

Five thematic clusters: The topics from the pillars Societal Challenges and Industrial Leadership have grouped into five thematic clusters in one single pillar: Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness.


The new program will be implemented through three pillars:

The Open Science pillar supports frontier research projects defined and driven by researchers themselves through the European Research Council (ERC), funds fellowships and exchanges for researchers through Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, and invests in world-class research infrastructures.

The Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness pillar directly supports research relating to societal challenges, reinforces technological and industrial capacities, and sets EU-wide missions with ambitious goals tackling some of our biggest problems. It also includes activities pursued by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) which supports EU and national policymakers with independent scientific evidence and technical support.

Image Source: Route2025.eu

The Open Innovation pillar aims to make Europe a frontrunner in market-creating innovation via the European Innovation Council (EIC). It will help develop the overall European innovation landscape, including by further strengthening the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) to foster the integration of business, research, higher education, and entrepreneurship.

Horizon Europe will double the “sharing excellence” support to the EU Member States in their efforts to make the most of their national research and innovation potential.


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