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Full Transparency

We don’t run random ads on this site; you can check out all our affiliate disclosures here. If you subscribe to any of the services described below or become a customer, you automatically become a PRO member with access to all PRO content and resources. There are more options to choose from in the Closelooknet shop.

Lyn Alden.com

LynAlden.com is a premium membership research service that covers global macro updates and individual stock ideas every two weeks. It has a low cost and is ideal for long-term fundamental investors in a variety of asset classes. Whether you’re a retail investor or an institutional investor, there’s value for you in that service.

Stock Waves

If you’re an active investor that is looking to combine fundamental investing with technical/sentiment analysis, the Stock Waves research service may be appropriate. There are multiple analysts that look for stocks where the fundamentals and the technicals align for a high-probability outcome. This is at a higher price point.

Rebel Capitalist Pro

If you want live Q&A and a premium forum, check out Rebel Capitalist Pro. It’s also at a higher price point. It includes Lyn Alden premium content, George Gammon’s forum, and some additional access for live questions.

A list of financial research services we recommend. Copyright: Imago Images

Other Research

Dividend Growth Investor: A low-cost streamlined newsletter with hand-picked dividend growth investments. One of the most affordable “growth at a reasonable price” newsletters on the market, with a great track record and zero hype.

Undervalued Shares: A very low-cost service that provides research on value stocks with a European/international focus. It’s so cheap that I’m not sure why an investor wouldn’t have it, and Swen’s research is very detailed.

Independent Speculator: A premium service catering to high net worth investors that want to invest in natural resource companies, including some of the smaller ones that require specialized research. The track record is great, and contrary to many researchers in this space, the author is very calm and measured with his expectations and analysis.


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