The remote work ecosystem at a glance – nine categories shape the industry

Covid-19 and worldwide social distancing accompanying the pandemic has been normalizing remote work at an unprecedented rate in 2020.

While in the past years, enterprise collaboration tools have become a bright spot for tech with an impressive number of high-profile IPOs from companies such as Slack, Atlassian, and Zoom, the opportunity is growing much faster now imagined.

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Remote collaborative work is quickly increasing globally. Zoom has just reported that its video conferencing platform’s daily average users (DAUs) jumped from 10M to 200M in just 3 months.

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Break down of the ecosystem

We take a close look at the remote workforce ecosystem and map relevant startups onto the following categories:

(1) Messaging & Chat:

Relative newcomers such as Threads and Quill threaten more established players such as Slack or Microsoft Teams.

(9) Team Analytics: 

Alongside project management tools, startups in this category track and provide high-level insights around engagement and communication. For example, Range ($8.3M) helps strengthen culture by tracking check-ins.

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