The retail disaster – 36 year 2020 bankruptcies from around the globe and why they happened  

Modern-day retail is at an inflection point as retailers face struggling physical storefronts, massive debt, and inefficient operations, among other issues. The Covid-19 pandemic...

The future of fashion – How Artificial Intelligence Is reshaping the industry

Fashion has always been a driver for innovation — from the invention of the sewing machine to the rise of e-commerce. Like tech, fashion...

Audio: Covered call writing for savvy long-term investors

Audio Content 0:00 Introduction: Why we like covered calls 0:45 Covered calls: Doing the math 4:00 Calculating the percentages 6:00 Using these calculations to manage your portfolio

Audio: The Spanish flu virus never disappeared, the new Coronavirus will not disappear either

Audio Content 01 - 00:00 Introduction 02 - 01:30 The strand of the Spanish flu never disappeared and is still with us 03 - 06:00 The longer...

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An overview of research findings on longevity, age-related disease and health improving dietary regimes

Asset Bubbles, Stock Market Crashes and Financial Crises

The most devastating financial disasters in history

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Disrupted workspaces, deranged communting – how office work will change in the midst of the Coronavirus

COVID-19 has uprooted the traditional 9-to-5 job and commute—seemingly overnight. Unions may not particularly like it and some large companies are reluctant to adapt.  But...

Crypto is winning and blockchain is losing

Crypto is winning and blockchain is losing! That was the dominant narrative in 2019 and early 2020 - the 15 months prior to Covid-19....

Audio: Aging healthier and living longer through caloric mimetics restriction?

Audio Content 0:00 Introduction 1:00 Increasing lifespan in various species 2:00 The effects on longevity and the brain 2:30 To continue reading, please ... See the full story here  

Forever young and healthy? Lifespan and healthspan effects of caloric restriction mimetics

Caloric restriction (CR) is defined as a significant, sustained reduction of continued caloric intake from baseline levels. To date, CR is the most thoroughly...

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