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FAANG Stocks plus Microsoft - deep dive. Meta, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google compared, 52-weeks chart perspective
Nasdaq 100 Stocks - Fundamentals, Divident analysis, snapshot

Information warfare and fake news – key elements and how the disinformation kill chain works

2020 has been a breakout year for information warfare leading to “disinformation” and “misinformation.” The Covid-19 pandemic has been escorted by an infodemic, comprised...

The biggest stock market crashes and asset bubbles throughout history

Stock market crashes, as well as crashes of other assets and economic/fiscal crises, happen regularly. So forecasting that another crash will soon happen is not that difficult. It will happen. That said, major market recoveries do happen as often as crashes.

Billion-Dollar artificial intelligence exits at a glance

Artificial intelligence is a sector that attracts big investor checks: Q2’20 saw $7.2B in funding, despite a 12-quarter low in AI deals. Our definition of...

Audio: Covered call writing for savvy long-term investors

Audio Content 0:00 Introduction: Why we like covered calls 0:45 Covered calls: Doing the math 4:00 Calculating the percentages 6:00 Using these calculations to manage your portfolio

Passive investing beats active investing, ETFs beat mutual funds

var _bp = _bp||; _bp.push({ "div": "A-2_03111805", "obj": {"id":"24030","width":"16","height":"9","carousel":"304"} }); Most fund managers never match the performance of the broader...

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