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FAANG Stocks plus Microsoft - deep dive. Meta, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google compared, 52-weeks chart perspective
Nasdaq 100 Stocks - Fundamentals, Divident analysis, snapshot

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Stock market price information

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EConomic indicators - S&P 500 earnings by year

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Stock exchange opening hours

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Global stock market and foreign exchange market heat map

Global stock market and foreign exchange heat map - stock markets in countries in green are up, and stock markets in countries in red are down.

ARK’s price target for Zoom is $1,500 per share in 2026

According to ARK’s open-source research and model, Zoom’s share price may reach $1,500 in 2026. This would result in a +76% annual growth rate. Tuned to the 75th and 25th percentile Monte Carlo outcomes, ARK's bull case is $2,000 while the bear case is $700 per share, respectively - both in 2026.

Investing Books – Key Reads for Building Wealth

Compared to a lot of other books, the free writings of billionaire investors have been the most useful. What better can you do than learn from those people who have done it right financially?

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Bitcoin and other crypto services: Where to buy bitcoin and how to hold it. If money can't buy your love, maybe bitcoin will do?

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This is a selection of financial research services we recommend.

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This is a list of money management resources that we recommend to build wealth, save money, and increase performance and efficiency.

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