Comparing COVID-19 Vaccines: Timelines, Types and Prices

Since late 2020 a number of Covid-19 strains have emerged, among them: Wuhan or wildtype The first strain to be identified that originated in the city...

Audio: Aging healthier and living longer through caloric mimetics restriction?

Audio Content 0:00 Introduction 1:00 Increasing lifespan in various species 2:00 The effects on longevity and the brain 2:30 To continue reading, please ... See the full story here

Audio: Covered call writing for savvy long-term investors

Audio Content 0:00 Introduction: Why we like covered calls 0:45 Covered calls: Doing the math 4:00 Calculating the percentages 6:00 Using these calculations to manage your portfolio

Audio: The Spanish flu virus never disappeared, the new Coronavirus will not disappear either

Audio Content 01 - 00:00 Introduction 02 - 01:30 The strand of the Spanish flu never disappeared and is still with us 03 - 06:00 The longer...

Video: Lematch daily – Soccer news from around the globe

Video Content International soccer news dated 17th October 2020

Video: The opioid crisis of mainstream America

Video Content Mainstream America is fighting a special drug war which has nothing to do with foreign drug cartels.

Audio: Reducing pain with food

Audio Content 0:00 Introduction 0:45 Types of foods for back pain 3:30 Foods to avoid that cause inflammation and bloating

Audio: The opioid epidemic of mainstream America

Audio Content 01 - 00:00 Introduction 02 - 01:00 The Government-Driven Opioid Epidemic 03 - 04:30 Opioids Go Mainstream Fighting Chronic Pain 04 - 09:00 Sales Skyrocketed from...

Video: Caloric Restriction Mimetics

Video Content Caloric Restriction Mimetics (CRM) - All the benefits and no dietary limitations?

Video: Caloric Restriction – How it may work

Video content Caloric restriction - how it may work in promoting longevity

Video: Caloric restriction may improve longevity and promote health

Video Content Caloric restriction without malnutrition has proven to extend lifespan in a number of species by 15 - 20 %. The underlying mechanism are...

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